Jesus is coming!

Woke to the sound of Jesus entering Jerusalem on his donkey!

I’ve moved temporarily to a bed at the front of the house to get away from the 5.15am call to prayer from the mosque hut just behind us. Only a marginal improvement as the front of the house is blessed with competing cockerels who start crowing about 6am.  I’m pretty sure they deliberately line up beneath my window to welcome me to a new day.

But today, on my lying-in day,  I was jolted awake at 7am by a rousing chorus of Hosanna Bwana, a full-on gospel 4 part harmony from a  30 strong choir in the road just outside my window. As the perimeter bushes and trees are quite high to provide privacy for the compound, I climbed on to a high chest of drawers to see if I could see them. It was a dangerous manoeuvre, not just for the height but also as I was naked except for a kanga (sarong)!

This was a proper African uplifting moment…

The choir was singing and swaying, people in their smart and colourful church outfits were streaming from two different directions to join them, women ululating, men banging drums, all carrying palms high in the air. And, as they reached the choir, they joined in the singing. When the crowd reached about 60 strong, the group, still singing, set off to slowly circumnavigate the grazing field just behind us and I hot-footed it back to my old bedroom to balance on the bed to watch them (kanga still intact!) People continued to stream, in small groups from all directions, waving their palms and singing the Hosanna. The Muslim children from the village were waving and running alongside them, enjoying the spectacle. Looked a bit like this…


palm-sunday-sussundenga-mozambique-2015-01.jpg (960×720)

I think Jesus would have liked it.

Happy Palm Sunday to all you Christians out there!




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  1. Brilliant in all senses, except for the early start of course. Sounds fun always need new members! Sending love. J xxxx

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