And we’re back!

“I never knew of a  morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy” Ernest Hemingway.

It seems to be true . I am drawn back time and again. Initially by the love of a child (see ‘Dancing with a Limp’) as much as the country, but ultimately the work of Forever Angels and the people will always draw me in.

As I sit at the first weighing session for our Outreach parents, the harshness of life here hits me again and why we are trying to help hits me  again. In one glance, the Baby new last week

Is  lying on the ground next to the baby that started 6 months ago


and this week’s new motherless twins are being held by their aunt

next to the grandmother trying to hang on to the twins that came last year.

I look at the successes of children whose dads we now have set up in good businesses

and the failure of a system that will not remove a child from a healthy (or even unhealthy )  mother ‘just because’ the child has not gained weight for over 2 years so we have to sit and watch this little girl die.

And we’re back on the road again with the truck ..

A bit of marriage counselling for one couple. We bought dad some glasses as his sight was very bad. We went t o take a picture of him and he told us his wife had thrown the glasses in the lake. Furious, we put him in the truck and took him back to his wife who said he had only brought home 1,000/= last week (30p) and Forever Angels  had bought him glasses so he could bring home more money for the family and as he hadn’t brought home much , he didn’t deserve to keep the glasses.  40 minutes of ‘how can we work together’ and finding the glasses which had just been hidden and explaining he’d never earn more without them

….and on we went ……..

buying hair pieces for an aunt with twins who we set up with a hair salon last year

Buying charcoal for a young couple

and for a widowed mum with  a cleft palate who struggled to find other work because her speech was so poor

giving training on feeding to a mum with learning difficulties who was not managing very well

having a sing song in the truck

It’s like I never left !


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