The Next Chapter

Hi. My name is Liz and, following a shake-up of my life in every sense, I am embarking on a new season of living by going to Africa to volunteer in a Baby Home. For more details of the wonderful project, see the Forever Angels website. I am doing a role swap with my son ie he’s staying here paying the mortgage and I’m havingĀ a gap year! Follow my preparations, journey and general musings as often as I can get to a bit of internet access.





3 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. Hi Lovely Liz,

    Wow your journey already looks truly amazing! keep thinking of you and wondering how your adjusting to your new life with all those beautiful babies and children! Sending you big bundles of hugs for the times you may need one! Keep us up to date! Go lady, go! Your an inspiration!

    Becky xxx

  2. Dear Liz

    I’m really sorry to bother you. I am looking for Liz Savage who used to work a long time ago at One Parent Families in York (later called the Centre for Separated Families).

    Please, if it is you, I hope you will reply.

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